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CTR - rodeo horse 2

Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo

Once again, the Rodeo is coming back to Lockhart and Caldwell County with the help of Diamond Cross Rodeo Company. The Rodeo will be held at Lockhart City Park in conjunction with the 2024 Chisholm Trail Roundup.  The entire show will be displayed on a 12' x 15' LED Replay Screen provided by Wild Ride Productions.

*A free shuttle service will be available to take you to Lockhart City Park from the Caldwell County Justice Center during Chisholm Trail Roundup. $10 to park at the festival grounds. VIP (Sponsor) parking available on site as well.


Sponsored by Bluebonnet Electric & Corridor Title

What every parent of small children has been waiting for... MUTTON BUSTIN at Chisholm Trail Rodeo is ready for registration!
We know that so many kids want the opportunity to do Mutton Bustin, but spaces are limited, so don't wait! This year, we will have 60 spaces. That's 20 kids on Thursday, 20 kids on Friday, and 20 kids on Saturday!
  • Ages 4-8
  • Under 65 lbs.
  • $50/child

Photos courtesy of Adrian Gutierrez Photography

Raising livestock in collaboration with 4-H and FFA programs gives kids the opportunity to learn from hands-on programs, like the support given to them through winning a Calf Scramble. Livestock can be a profitable investment and business, but the expenses of starting this type of project can deter many young people from participating. The mission of the Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo Calf Scramble is to jump-start them into business.

After the winning participants of the Calf Scramble make their livestock investment choice, the results of their efforts are soon realized.

The Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo Calf Scramble is proud of the sponsors and volunteers that provide a unique opportunity for these young people to make such an investment and to support a child's education to learn the business of livestock management.

To participate in the Chisholm Trail Roundup Rodeo Calf Scramble, please review and sign the release waiver by clicking the appropriate buttons below according to your class.

Stick Horses

These made-with-love Stick horses are currently in production for the 2024 Chisolm Trail Rodeo! These will be available at Bruce Germer Insurance Agency in Lockhart. We have several patterns and all color schemes. Not one stick horse is the same!

Bring your little ones in to pick out a very specially made horse! The purchase of one of these stick horses grants your little one a spot in the “Grand Entry” prior to the Chisolm Trail Rodeo on Saturday, June 15, 2024. All proceeds from the sale of these stick horses are donated to Younglife Lockhart.”

Stick Horse 1
Stick Horse 2

To sign up as a contestant, go to Rodeo Sports Network for details.


Thursday, June 13th, from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Rough Stock Event

Mutton Bustin


Friday, June 14th, from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Full Rodeo

Mutton Bustin


Saturday, June 15th, from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Full Rodeo

Mutton Bustin



Rodeo - Horse Bucking
CTR - rodeo rope

Photos courtesy of Adrian Gutierrez Photography

We would like to thank the following Rodeo Sponsors:

Ginger Hughes

John Dotson Trucking LLC.

Peabody General Contractors


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