• Business in Lockhart

  • Industry

    Located directly on the exciting new SH130 transportation corridor, Lockhart is in the middle one of the strongest economic regions in the nation.  The opening of the new highway means Lockhart is only 30 minutes from downtown Austin and 45 minutes from downtown San Antonio.  No other Central Texas location is more positively positioned.

    Lockhart is also home to a stable and thriving business environment.  From small shops to large manufacturers, our businesses are friendly, competitive, and highly valued members of the local community.  This is a great place to live, work and grow your business.

  • Communication

    Internet Access

    AT&T, Time Warner Cable

    Cable / Satellite

    AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Direct TV, Dish TV  


    Lockhart Post-Register

    Radio Station

    No Local

  • Transportation


    Air Service
    Lockhart Municipal Airpot in City

    Federal Highways

    Hwy 183

    Runway Length

    4,000 ft.

    State Highways

    FM142, FM20


    Toll Road

    SH 130


    Interstate Highways

    I-35 & I-20