• Central Texas Tolbert Chili Group



    About Us

    Who We Are -
    A group of friends who just happen to cook award winning chili and BBQ while we raise awareness and funds for some mighty worthy causes.

    What We Do -
    Well, that's simple. We cook and promote the Official State Dish of Texas: Chili. We host over 30 chili events per year at a variety of locations, including the Al Hopkins Tolbert Texas State Chili Championship in Lockhart.

    Why We Do It -
    Aside from having a lot of fun, we support a long and varied list of charitable causes like Juvenile Diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, and the VFW Scholarship Fund to list just a few.

    When We Do It -
    Most every weekend! Be sure to check the What's Coming Up page for the details on this week's cookoff!

    Where We Do It -
    All over Central Texas! For most events we will have a map and/or directions on how to get to the various locations on the Map Page to help you out.