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    Offer Valid: 03/25/2020 - 04/03/2020

    💆‍♀️💆‍♂️Lockhart Massage Lovers… Who wants to get a bargain on some discounted massage gift certificates to use for after things settle down?


    Hi, 👋 it’s Yolanda from Vida Massage.


    Right now, understandably, we are facing some pretty strict measures to get this situation under control, however…


    We will get through this. These short term restrictions will end soon, and our lives are going to go back to normal. 


    And when things go back to normal a lot of people are going to need massages to reduce stress and anxiety levels or have some muscle tightness, tension or injuries worked on.


    So right now to help keep the economy going we’re doing a gift certificate flash sale with savings of up to 40% off.


    These gift certificates can be used on any of our services:


    - Deep tissue massage

    - Swedish relaxation

    - Sports massage

    - Trigger point and active release therapy


    🎁Massage gift certificates are also a great gift idea for birthdays and anniversaries.💍


    Option A: For $59.99 you can get a gift certificate with $75 value. (20% Off)

    Option B: For $69.99 you can get a gift certificate with $100 value. (30% Off)

    Option C: For $149.99 you can get $250 worth of gift certificate. (40% Off)


    Let us know down below 👇 which option you’d prefer and we will send a link to complete your purchase along with your gift certificate. (You can choose electronic gift certificate or we will send them via mail) 👇


    *Gift Certificates are valid for up to 1 years.

    **Gift Certificates are transferable.

    ***Gift Certificates can be broken down into multiple visits or used for products.

    ****This special is only running while the shutdown is on.

    *****This special is open to all our existing customers as well as the public.

    This Hot Deal is promoted by Lockhart Chamber of Commerce.